Women In Art Fair: Fair Play


I’m very pleased that our latest exhibition, FAIR PLAY, has just opened – and will be on until 24th March. It is the inaugural exhibition by Women in Art Fair (WIAF), a new initiative dedicated to redressing the gender imbalance in the art industry.

We are proud to be showcasing the work of twelve female artists: Helen Benigson, Lydia Brockless, Emma Corrall, Maisie Cousins, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Amanda Horowitz, Anita Klein, Sara Pope, Alicia Reyes Mcnamara, Cherelle Sappleton, Rebecca Scheinberg, and Jaeyeon Yoo.

The aim of WIAF is to create opportunities for up and coming female artists to demonstrate their unique visions and talents in the context of the evolving global discussion about gender, sexuality and culture. Needless to say, this is a subject that has very much captured the world’s attention in the last year. Across almost every industry, people are asking questions about what is right and fair when it comes to their gender balances and the art world is no exception..


In art, it would be easy to think that the gender imbalance is less obvious than it might be in other industries. After all, it is an industry concerned with objects and images. Sadly however, there continues to exist an imbalance in the art world for the same reasons as everywhere else.

No matter how one describes oneself, gender plays a big part in everyone’s life and their sense of identity. Art is an expression of a person’s unique take on life, and how we feel about gender has an effect on the way in which the world appears to us, whether consciously or subconsciously.

As the first in a series of exhibitions for the WIAF cause, FAIR PLAY represents the first step towards its ambition of creating an all-female art fair in the UK. I’m hugely honoured to be the first gallerist to put on an exhibition in the name of WIAF, an initiative whose ambitions and values I deeply share and am eager to promote.

I hope that you will take the time to come and see their works - and explore this complex but fascinating question with us.