A Great Start to 2018!


There’s much to look forward to in 2018. I started the year attending the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD) meeting, in which we discussed exciting upcoming projects and opportunities. AWAD is the international network of women art dealers that facilitates business and collaborations between art dealers, gallerists and art consultants. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and members.

The association regularly meets each month in London or New York, though since 2016, has been piloting a Global Chapter aimed at those who are unable to attend. The initiative is an ideal reflection my own work, in which I’ve always sought to find original ways of connecting the art world’s core with the fringes that might otherwise go unnoticed.


In this respect I’m especially excited about our latest exhibition, which opened yesterday. Lulu Manasseh, a British artist/maker living in London, was the winner of an online competition we held last year as part of PROJECT2017. Our chosen theme was ‘change and transformation’ and we attracted many artists whose work, through the formal language of abstraction, expressed the transformative processes and aims that lead to its making.

We narrowed down the applicants to 12 international contemporary artists. Part of PROJECT2017 involved thinking of alternative ways in which galleries might interact with artists and audiences alike. And so, we chose to stage an online competition, giving people the chance to vote for their favourite, with the winner being granted a solo exhibition at the gallery this year. By opening the gallery to the online world we’re aiming to diversify the range of ideas coming through our existing networks.

I wasn’t surprised that Lulu’s work was so popular with our voters. With a focus on process, intended both as the physical practice of building an artwork and her labour of self-discovery, her exhibition; ‘Locating One Self’ guides the visitor through an inspirational journey of shifting views.

To launch the exhibition, the gallery held a private viewing on Wednesday, hosted in aid of the Nadezda Charitable Foundation. The evening included a successful auction, featuring Lulu’s work and a VIP dinner at UMU Restaurant among the prizes; with 10 per cent of the generous proceeds going towards the Foundation’s work helping vulnerable children across Russia. Thank you to all those involved who made it an enjoyable evening and helped raise considerable money for such a good cause.

The exhibition runs until 2nd March, we hope to see you there!