Year of the Monkey FengShui evening at Gallery Elena Shchukina

In order to tie in with the Chinese new year, we held a talk at the Gallery on 4 February entitled Feng Shui for Prosperity, Health and Success in 2016, by the renowned Feng Shui expert Jan Cisek. He gave us so many tips and pieces of advice about making our homes and our lives clearer, cleaner and more efficient. 

Naturally, Jan also focused on the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, which begins today. He talked about the characteristics of the sign of the monkey and how this might indicate what the year ahead may hold for us and how we can make the most of its energies and opportunities. Of course it's different for everybody, but he explained how we could work out our feng shui star element depending on the year of our birth, and then see which house of the bagua feng shui 2016 chart that star element sits in – this gives you an indication of what areas of your life and personality you should focus on in the coming year.

You can have a go yourself on Jan's website:

Jan also explained how the colour red is very important during the year of the monkey so be sure to wear red for an exam or an interview during this time!

Happy Chinese New Year!