Association of Women Art Dealers

I was very eager to attend January's AWAD meeting last Wednesday. I was invited to join at the end of last year and although I had been to meetings before, this was my first as a member. This meant that apart from getting together with fellow art dealers and listening to the insights and initiatives the Association offers, I was also able to introduce my own gallery and let everyone know what we do. 

The meeting was of particular interest to me as it centred around a discussion on selling art in Asia. Having taken part in Asian Art in London (exhibiting work by South-Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh) I was interested to hear thoughts on how bringing Western art to Asia differed from bringing Asian art to the west. There were some vital pieces of advice at the meeting on doing (art) business in Asia, ranging from practical elements such as shipping and the best ways to get a foot in the door with new artists, to cultural protocol surrounding business dealings and, most interestingly, what type of art is preferred in different Asian countries. One thing that struck me as fascinating was the fact that the closer to the equator a country is, the more colour they prefer in their art!

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