Annie Leibovitz - Women: New Portraits

It seems last week had women as a theme in terms of the events I attended.

The new Annie Leibovitz exhibition WOMEN: New Portraits is starting a world tour – with its first stop at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. The exhibition is a continuation of a project that Leibovitz started 15 years ago:

 'The new portraits unveiled in London reflect the changes in the roles of women today and feature women of outstanding achievement including artists, musicians, CEOs, politicians, writers and philanthropists.'

It was perhaps a strange location for such a famous photographer as Leibovitz, but as Sarah Mower wrote recently in Vogue:

'. . . this is a free show intended for all. Effectively, it’s an open-access window on feeling and questioning that which separates and connects us as the same sex.'

Seeing these portraits up close and being in the presence of Leibovitz herself, was very memorable. I strongly recommend a visit to this exhibition which runs until 7 February.