New season at Gallery Elena Shchukina

I am very much looking forward to the new art season, which we will open at Gallery Elena Shchukina this September with an exhibition of works by Polish artist Xawery Wolski, whose body of work is inspired by his studies of genetics and heavily influenced by his time in South America, where he began to understand space and light. 

There is an internal conflict visible in his works: the creative artist with a classical training challenged by his contemporary ideas. There is also a sense of restraint in his works, a reminder of his restricted childhood under communist rule, a society very different from the society that he experienced during his time at art school in Paris.
This exhibition aims to immerse all senses, both physically and mentally, ensuring that the visitor carries an emotional reminder of the exhibition away with them. In this carefully curated exhibition all objects relate to one another, linking the past to the present and the future and creating a dialogue between the works.  This aim connects with the years that Wolski spent travelling – learning from his surroundings, but losing a part of his identity in each place. He states, ‘I don’t know if anyone really returns home.’

CLICK HERE to view a selection of his works on the Gallery Elena Shchukina website