Luke Jerram at Gallery Elena Shchukina

Gallery Elena Shchukina Luke Jerram Microbiology

The private view of Luke Jerram's exquisite glass 'Glass Microbiology' exhibition at Gallery Elena Shchukina took place this week and it was a pleasure for us to have Luke Jerram attending. 

Gallery Elena Shchukina Luke Jerram Glass microbiuology
Gallery Elena Shchukina Luke Jerram

Luke's series of glass sculptures features single virus cells from various diseases that are blown up thousands of times bigger than the germs themselves. Luke himself is colour blind and became interested in working on the series when he discovered that virus cells are colourless.

Press interest has been quite extensive from both the scientific and artistic worlds. You can read some examples below.

If you want to find out more about Luke Jerram please visit his website:

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