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Elena Shchukina Marcus Marin CREDIT photographer Antonia Couling


How do you view your place within the art world?
 I think my position is a very humble one at the moment, as the Gallery Elena Shchukina is still considered very young within the art community, being only two years old. We are still working hard to show how serious we are about everything that we do and to make our gallery a success.

What makes Gallery Elena Shchukina unique?
I think our approach is fresh and unusual and we look at art from a different perspective – the most important element for me is the skill and technique of the artists as well as the conceptual ideas of their art work.

Our dual aim is to exhibit international, contemporary, established artists at gallery level who haven't been presented in London before, while, at the same time, presenting interesting emerging artists with potential.

And as I come from a law background and a business-oriented family, I also consider the investment potential of the art.

What gets you excited about art?
Number one has to be discovering new talent. And then when an artist I represent sells their work, or is given recognition in the press or within the art community.

I like art to surprise me – to give me the feeling that I have never seen anything like it before. Perhaps an artist’s technique is unique and makes me curious to know how they have achieved it. Colours and shapes fascinate me. The ideas and the story behind a work always excite me, compelling me to consider what the artist wanted to say and how they have expressed it.

What inspires you every day?
My family, my daughter, my work, art and the creative process.
Life is full of opportunities, possibilities and risks – there is always something to give you inspiration. I love to travel, to enjoy good food, look at beautiful and unusual objects – not just art, but also jewellery, furniture, fashion and architecture.
I like to meet people, to talk with them and listen to their stories – there is always so much to learn from other people’s experiences.

Do you have any particular goals?
I am eager to gain respect within the art world – from other collectors and galleries. My gallery is becoming more and more popular and our visitor numbers are expanding with every new exhibit. New people are hearing about us, visiting us and recommending us. I think they love the atmosphere and our attitude to what we do. I would like our artists to achieve more acknowledgment, with their work being taken up by other galleries, to gain more collectors and admirers. I would also like to take part in the bigger art fairs and to exhibit some more important artists.

How would you define beauty?
To me, beauty is an emotion that you feel when you look at beautiful things – a positive energy that surges through to your soul via your eyes.

What kind of people do you admire?
I admire anyone who remains positive and optimistic in any situation; someone who is hard-working and not afraid of taking on a new task, or experimenting with a new way of doing things.
I like people who spend their whole life educating themselves – always learning, reading and researching.
And I value the ability in people to admit that they might have been wrong about something or that they may have made a mistake.
Honesty, loyalty, kindness, friendliness and generosity are all qualities I admire in people – especially if someone does something kind without having been asked to do so. If a person is happy to help and support another person, that makes me happy too!

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"Life is full of opportunities, possibilities and risks – there is always something to give you inspiration."