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Elena's vision combines a love of the technique of creation coupled with a passionate interest in colour. These two very personal aspects inform the exhibitions at her Gallery Elena Shchukina in the heart of Mayfair. GES artists tend to have mastered a unique skill or have a particular talent that has not been shown before in the UK. Their use of colour is complex and emotionally engaging; this combination of skill and colour produces a synthesis that is essentially Elena Shchukina.

Despite studying law in Moscow, art has always been a passion for Elena and after moving to London in 2009 she attended Sotheby's Art School, where she built the skills and the contacts that led her to open her gallery in June 2013. 

"I studied law because my parents advised me to do so — it was a great decision. Law is a very multilateral subject. which has provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that I found useful for establishing an art business as well. I made the move into art so that I could focus my passion and creativity into something that I could produce."

Elena is a Patron of the Royal Academy, a patron of the Serpentine Gallery in London's Hyde Park and member of the Exhibition Circle.
Elena was recently welcomed into the Association of Women Art Dealers, a professional organisation focused on the promotion of female participation in the art world.